[The Fact] Singer Roh Tae hyun topped the list for the consecutive 2 weeks.

Roh Tae Hyun took first place with 103,230 votes in the fourth week of February for "FAN N STAR" held from February 25 to March 4. The Golden Child followed with 37,679 votes, and ONEUS came in third with 1,284 votes.

The candidates for Rising Star Award are selected by FANNSTAR among artists with the potential to be trending in the future. Any artist who is growing up with unique music activities regardless of his or her debut year, gender or age can be nominated.

Winning the top spot for five consecutive weeks gives special benefits. First of all, they will disclose articles of the awardees on "The FACT", a new media company and the operator of FANNSTAR, so the articles on the winners of Rising Star Award is available in foreign countries as well as in Korea. By announcing the articles of the award to foreign countries, the artist will have the opportunity to become a star globally. And especially the artist will be nominated for the "The Fact Music Awards," which will be held on April 24.

Also, a video clip celebrating the winner will be shown in the waiting room of 43 stations in Korean subway line No. 2. It will also deliver the trophy in person with the hearts of the fans.

The nick name ‘람지대장93’ said “We will always be on your sides, Congratulations the first place of the Rising Star Award, and Love you!!”

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