[The Fact] A member of the group Wanna One Kang Daniels, has topped the rank for consecutive 11 weeks.

From February 25 to March 4, FAN N STAR' held a vote in the fourth week of February under the theme 'Which star would you like to go to picnic in the spring?' Kang Daniel won with 477,805 votes in a personal ranking, ranking. NU’EST Min Hyun followed with 157,272 votes, and third place was JR with 94,547 votes.

 ‘FAN N STAR’ will show the news of the first place on the electronic display board located in Hongdae Station and Shinjuku, Japan, if an artist wins the first place for five consecutive weeks in individual rankings. If he or she wins the title for 10 consecutive weeks, will join the Hall of Fame. Especially, it provides various special benefits such as showing news of the award through electronic display boards located in Korea and Japan.

The nick name ‘리디아dani’ said “Daniel has always done his best since the first time I saw him, made his best, Congratulations on winning the first place! I'll wait for Kang Daniel to return to the stage with a warm spring breeze! Don't forget that fans are always walking together! I love and support you” and the nick name ‘옹비드황제’ said “Congratulations on your consecutive first place! We always trust and support Kang Daniel. I'm sure you'll do your best! I'll see you on stage again”

And the nick name 'windfateis' said “We will always pray for you Daniel, nothing can stop us and We will always be on your side, walk with us, stay with us, to love and cheer you. We all love you Daniel Congratulations for the first place”

FAN N STAR will hold the "The Fact FAN N STAR Festival" at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on April 24.

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