The First dedicate album for Michael Jackson project is making a YouTube craze.

The music video "Let's Shut Up and Dance" by Michael Jackson's dedicated album "THE GREATEST DANCER" that participated in Jason Derulo, Exo Lay, and NCT 127 achieved five million views on YouTube on the 27th.

The music video "Let's Shut Up and Dance" successfully caught the attention of Michael Jackson by reminding him of such famous songs as "Black or White," "BAD," and "Smooth Criminal."

Especially, the sophisticated powerful performances of Lay, NCT 127, and Jason Derulo in the music video were enough to inspire the admiration of netizens all over the world.

After the release of the "Let's Shut Up and Dance" music video, the reaction and review videos of countless creators are rapidly spreading on YouTube, and the fans' dance cover videos are also receiving high numbers of views.

Due to this hot topic, attention is focusing on whether netizens around the world will be able to develop into Challenge that follows "Let's Shut Up and Dance" choreography."

Michael Jackson's dedicated special album, The Greatest Dancer, is a record dedicated to Michael Jackson's art and genius that will include a total of four special singles, including Let's Shut Up and Dance. The complete version of the "The Greatest Dancer" album, which includes all four singles, is scheduled to be released on June 25, the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's memory.

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