A six member boy group ARGON announced the start of their debut count.

MSH Entertainment posted the individual teaser image of six members in black version of the new ARGON debut album "MASTER KEY" through their official SNS At 0:00 p.m. on last 4th.

In the teaser image, six members showed different black fashions, and attracting the attention of the fans.

"ARGON," which means "ART GO ON, is a new 6 member boy group, and announced the official debut in the music industry with the release of their first single album "Master Key" on this coming 11. through various music websites.

Through an dance video released before their debut, ARGON drew attention from fans both at home and abroad by showing their good performance in rap making and lyrics as well as creating a strong connection with their fans.

The ARGON has a lot of fans already even before their debut, and attention is focusing on what musical moves and performances ARGON will attract the public with.

ARGON started selling their first single album "MASTER KEY" on last month of 26 and plans to hold their first showcase at Ilji Art Hall in southern Seoul on March 11.

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