Black Pink finished their World Tour Asian performance with a total audience of 120,000 in Taipei concert.

Black Pink held the BLACKPINK 2019 WORLD TOUR with Kia [IN YOUR AREA] TAIPEI at NTSU Arena in Taipei on the 3rd (local time). Audiences filling the concert venue cheered Black Pink for their first Taipei concert throughout the show.

From the morning of the day, Taipei was wet with thin rain. Raindrops were thick and chilly until 6 p.m. when the concert began, the audience waited for the concert with thick clothes and umbrellas.

Fans wore headbands with the names of Black Pink members or prepared official cheering sticks to show their affection for Black Pink. A long line also stretched in the MD booth to gauge the high interest in Black Pink. Especially, attracted attention of the fans who teamed up in costumes and followed the Black Pink choreography in spite of the rain.

The each member of the Black Pink sent the message to their fans “Hello We missed you a lot” in local languages. And Instead of the main stage, they moved to a protruding stage close to the audience and greeted them directly in the middle of the choreography.

Black Pink also arranged a meeting with the audience in the middle of the The members grabbed each other by the shoulder, made a train shape, and then turned around the stage to induce the audience to surf. In "Really," which was arranged in a reggae version for a concert, the two of them were paired to each corner of the stage.

Black Pink said "Thank you for coming to our first Taipei concert. We were so happy to be with you today. I love you, BLINKs," Before the last performance of the encore, they took pictures with fans who came to the concert and left their first Taipei concert as a special memory.

Starting with the Bangkok concert in January, Black Pink completed 11 performances in seven cities and 120,000 large scale World Tour Asian performances in two months from Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei.

Black Pink finished their world tour in Asia, and they will start performing in North America in April.

Six North American city performances, which will be followed by Los Angeles on April 17, Chicago on April 24, Hamilton on April 27, Newark on May 1, Atlanta on May 5 and Fort Worth, were sold out early after the tickets were opened. In addition, one additional performance was confirmed at Newark and Fort Worth, showing explosive ticket sales speed.

Black Pink has received more than 10,000 seat Arena class concert halls per venue in their first North American tour, and has confirmed eight performances in six cities, showing its presence in the U.S.

On April 12 and 19, K-pop idol stars will be on stage for the first time at the U.S. music festival, the "Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival," which is the biggest music festival in the U.S., and will mark a new page in history.

And after the festival, Black Pink will meet their fans(BLINKS) in North America, Europe, Australia tour.

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