The gift of HBY, finally took off the veil.

HBY started preorder sales of their second single "YOLO" on the 28th and started preparing for their comeback in earnest. Especially, the preorder sales and specifications of "YOLO" will be released, attracting fans' attention.

Since it took a long time to make their comeback, we will be able to see even more of a HBY in "YOLO." The 80 pages photo book and CD, photo cards, postcards, mini posters, and limited posters presented have increased the value of their collections.

'YOLO' from the preceding letter of 'You Only Live Once'. “enjoy this moment!" they are going to present powerful performances and music that will be able to relate to the fans

HYB previously boosted fans' expectations with the concept image of "YOLO," which has the members' growth, evolution and new appeal. From chic suit and emotional modern look to sporty and casual athleisure look, it has attracted fans' attention.

Especially, the release of "YOLO" is meaningful in the first time for Marco to return as a HBY after appearing on KBS2's "The Unit" and playing for UNB. Many are wondering about the harmonies that Marco and the members will create.

HBY’s second single "YOLO" and the title track "BBANG" will be released officially on March 6 at 6 p.m.

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