The track list and title song of GWSN's new album have been released.

GWSN posted its second mini-album 'TH PARK IN THE NIGHT part two' on their official SNS channel including Facebook at 0:00 p.m. on last 5.

In addition, there are seven point connected stars, the moon that reminds us of the title song puzzle of the first album, and the logo of the GWSN, and the image that the curtain seems to open means a new curtain called 'The Park in the Night : part 2', which is impressive.

According to the tracklist, the album includes the title track 'Pinky Star (RUN), 'TOKTOK' (Thousands of Stars, Thousands of Dreams), 'BLOOM' (True Light'), 'Miss Ping Pong', 'One & Only', ‘Growing ~ for Groo’, and total of seven tracks are available, including 'TOKTOK to the park night version,' which can be viewed only through offline albums.

Attention is focusing on what style of songs the GWSN, and drew positive reviews for her original music through her debut album "The Park in the Night : part 1" will captivate the risers with her second album "The Park in the Night : part 2."

GWSN’s mini supposed to be released 6 p.m. on March 13 ‘The Park in the Night : part 2’ second album is coming, and offline yes the 24 started, Hot Trax and other major online music album.

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