The new album tracklist of group Epik High has taken off the veil.

Epik High released their new album "Sleepless in ________" on 5th, through their official SNS channels.

According to a released tracklist, the album includes seven tracks including the title track 'LOVEDRUNK(feat. Crush),' 'Sleepless,' 'In Seoul (feat. Sun Woo Jung A), 'Eternal Sunshine,' and 'No Different (Feat. Yuna)' and ‘Lullaby For A Cat’.

Along with the track list, tracks and specific roles played by participating artists of the new album were also revealed. Like previous albums, 'sleepless in ______' was produced by Epik High themselves on every track of the album, and BTS's Suga was a hot topic at the time of the release of the participants, is expected to participate in the song 'Eternal Sunshine' and arrangement.

Crush participated in the title track "LOVEDRUNK", Sun Woo Jung A participated in "In Seoul", and YUNA, a global musician who reached the Billboard chart TOP10 for the first time as a Malaysian singer, and CODE KUNST (CODE KUNST), composed and collaborated with the song "No Different."

Epik High's new album "Sleepless in ________" will be released on the 11th at 6 p.m. through various online music source sites and offline music stores, and preorders will begin on the 5th afternoon.

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