Singer Sunmi has released her new song ‘Noir’.

Sunmi's new song "Noir" has released on March 4 at 6 p.m. Makeus Entertainment released a teaser video of the new song ‘Noir’ on their official SNS.

In the released music video teaser, the long straight haired Sunmi starts by sitting on a sofa with Dot Pattern's costume and putting heart shaped candy in her mouth. Sunmi's intense eyes left a deeper impression with dreamy drum beats and the sound of the Sunmi, while in the next scene, the horns grew all over the body from the shadow of Sunmi reflected on the wall, it is drawing attention. In particular, the lyrics and melody of "One, Two, Three" were released, and Sunmi made a gun with her hand, making the scene even more curious.

Sunmi's new song "Noir" was written by Sunmi and producer EL CAPITXN and Sunmi. Noir is a song that has a rich interpretation of the theme "Noir," which is represented by the genre of mood in various cultural fields, with music and unique videos.

Sunmi made a hit after releasing her first single 'Gashina' in August 2017, and proved her ability and popularity again with her single 'Heroine' in January 2018. And the "Siren," title track of the mini album "Warning" released in September last year, has garnered attention by recording a perfect all time / day / weekly / charts sweeping through all music charts. she also became a solo artist by recording various records, including winning six music and broadcasting awards.

Especially, Sunmi made headlines by selling tickets to four North American cities including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Calgary, which opened first World Tour "2019 Sunmi 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]" last 24th. Other regions are also showing their strong popularity by announcing the imminent sell out and adding Mexico to the first round.

Sunmi released her new song Noir at 6 p.m. on March 4.

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