An Yu jin of global group IZ*ONE is going to challenge her to become the MC of her first entertainment show.

the agency Off the record said on last 4th, "An Yu jin has been selected to be the MC of 'My Little Television 2' and it will be broadcast on the 29th,"

'My Little Television 2’ returned to a new season in about more than two years, has been remodeled as a concept of collaborating together with the common purpose of "donation" in Maritel House run by an unidentified landlord, unlike the competition structure of Season 1.

In the show, An Yu jin is expected to play the role of a mood maker as the youngest daughter of a homeowner, and will communicate with viewers directly through a special mission every week.

An Yu jin made her brilliant debut as a member of IZ*ONE last year and has been active in Korea and Japan, is expected to show her energy and great sense of entertainment and show off her strong performance as a 'My Little Television 2’’s MC.

Ahn Yu jin will be the owner and youngest daughter of "Maritel House," will be shown on the first episode of 'My Little Television 2’ at 9:50 p.m. on this coming 29th.

Meanwhile, Having made her successful debut in Korea and Japan, IZ*ONE plans to continue their active career in many ways and accelerate their global career.

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