Yue Hua Entertainment officially announced the teaser of EVERGLOW and their debut in March through their SNS and channels on last 4, heralding the birth of the mega girl group EVERGLOW.

The teaser 'ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW', which lists the names of six members, is based on the subtle colors of Red and Purple, and expresses the aspirations and confidence of EVERGLOW to become the nucleus of a typhoon in the music industry in 2019.

Beyond a teaser video that introduces the team, EVERGLOW is producing characters and concepts of each member in a commercial form, perfect video beauty, unique music, unique visual and perfect performance, and is adding to the curiosity about the concept of EVERGLOW, which will debut in March.

Each individual's characteristics and images will be revealed through film, a sensuous and trendy crank in film of each member, and attention will be paid to the birth of the new girl group EVERGLOW in March 2019

Yue Hua Entertainment said “The six member EVEGLOW is made up of members with the best quality as well as perfect visuals. We are sure that EVERGLOW has six different characters and is completely united, will become a girl group representing K-pop in 2019. We'll be back with a different concept that we haven't seen so far, so please look forward to the performance of the Everglow in March."

EVERGLOW is a combination of 'EVER' and 'GLOW', it means 'We will make both light and shadow our own time' as the sun shines.

Attention will be drawn to what stage and concept the 2019 rookie, EVERGLOW, will approach the public in this March.

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