The group 100% showed off their natural and splendid team works.

From the 28th to the 4th, 100% revealed unit photos and group portfolios of their new album "RE:tro," displaying unusual teamwork like brothers, sparking expectations for the album.

100% of the photos in the HIP version show a hip retro that reminds them of a roller rink, maximizing playful charm. Especially, in unit photos, older brothers, line Rock hyun and Jong hwan caught their eyes with intense charismatic eyes, while younger brothers line Chan yong and Hyuk jin formed an atmosphere that resembled each other with laughter-filled mischievous eyes, completing a 100%  of the brotherhood.

A 100%of the NEW version boasts warm, natural charm, creating a family photo like atmosphere, and the soon to be released unit photo has raised questions about what kind of chemistry to show.

It is worth looking forward to what charms and looks will be shown through the album's activities, with the fantastic result of 100% of the members and the leisurely appearance of the seventh year through group and unit photos.

100% are stepping up their comeback, will release their present album "RE:tro" on White Day on the 14th.

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