Ong Sung wu had a fantastic time with his fans on his first solo V LIVE broadcast.

Ong Sung wu hosted "RADIO APART" on the portal site Naver V app at 9 p.m. on last 4, gave fans a dreamy time. "RADIO APART" is a visible radio broadcast with music and stories. Fans expressed their love for Ong Sung wu by unifying their chatting nicknames as '옹널평사' - “I love you forever” at the news of Ong Sung wu's first solo V LIVE.

Ong Sung wu introduced himself as an ‘옹디’(Ongdy), began to communicate with fans by introducing stories one by one with a sweet voice. The story of Ong Sung wu's becoming a fan also told stories about their family, and in the story about Soul Food, he laughed because he felt sorry that his soul food was Instant noodles, but now he couldn't eat it because of diet.

Ong Sung wu had been on V LIVE for over an hour. And he said to his fans "I was happy because I felt like I was communicating and talking with my fans for a long time," It's so sad to end the V Live, but we will see again as soon as possible" he promised to meet his fans for the next time.

Ong Sung wu's first solo V Live has surpassed 150 million hearts, proving fans' explosive interest in Ong sung wu. Especially, Ong Sung wu is trying to communicate honestly with fans by carefully reading questions and comments as if he had been waiting for them for a long time.

Ong Sung wu has been cast to play Choi Joon woo, the main character of JTBC's new monthly drama "The Moment of Eighteen," which is scheduled to air in the first half of this year, and is in full preparation, and is scheduled for an Asian fan meeting tour in mid-March.

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