TWICE has once again made a new history of K-pop, recording a full time sale just one minute after the opening of a regular ticket for the Japanese Dome Tour.

TWICE will hold a dome tour with a total of 210,000 people starting from March 20 and 21 at the Kyosera Dome in Osaka, three cities in Tokyo on March 29 and 30, and the Nagoya Dome on April 6.

In the run up to this, they recently opened a general ticket reservation and sold all the tickets in just one minute, showing off their popularity.

The Dom Tour was the first K-pop girl group and the shortest time since their debut as a foreign artist. they has proved itself again as a new record maker by setting a record of selling out for the first time after their first dome tour.

TWICE originally planned to hold a four time dome tour in three cities, but added a concert at the Kyosera Dome on Tuesday thanks to the fans' enthusiastic support.

The title of the "Dome Tour" is "#Dreamday," meaning "TWICE DOME TOUR 2019" meaning "the stage of the dome, the day of dreams, and the day of dreams that TWICE has dreamed of since their debut in Japan. As it is the stage that fans have dreamed of together, the title also contains the hope that they can have a great time and a happy time with their fans.

TWICE is releasing their new album '#TWICE2' on the 6th. The second of the series of Japanese debut film #TWICE, which announced the birth of TWICE's Japanese one top girl group with TWICE's Japanese debut album. The album includes "Heart Shaker," "What is Love?," and "Dance the Night Away," including TWICE's first full length album, which was released in October 2017.

The Japanese versions of 'LIKEY' and 'What is Love?' which were released prior to the release of the album, respectively topped the top 100 charts of local line music, heralding the popularity of the album.

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