The boy group 1TEAM Leader Rubin's debut trailer is released.

Live Works Company has released a video of the group 1Team’s debut trailer after confirming their debut date on the 4th, and it is drawing attention through their official SNS and V LIVE channels last 5.

In the trailer video released, Rubin smiles with a camera waiting for someone with a bouquet of flowers, which is attracting fans' attention.

Rubin released the trailer video for the first time, appeared on JTBC's Mix Nine, which ended last January as the leader of "1TEAM," and rose to the third place in the final rankings with his warm appearance and sweet tone, creating a solid fan base with both his talent and starry.

Starting with leader Rubin, "1TEAM" will release trailer images of each member sequentially, raising questions about the first concept that "1TEAM" will show.

1TEAM's agency, Live Works Company, is a boy band that will be launched by Shin Hye sung and Lee Min woo of Shin Hwa, it is expected that music fans will look forward to it. Starting with leader Rubin, they are planning to release trailer clips of each member in order to increase fans' expectations about '1TEAM'.

"1TEAM" will hold their debut showcase on March 27.

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