Park Ji hoon has emerged as a world class artist, there has been a wave of love calls in domestic and foreign advertising company.

His Agency Ma Roo Entertainment announced "Park Ji hoon was recently selected as the model for advertising of "Masita," a Thai snack brand, along with mask packs, following the K-beauty's leading cosmetics brand"

Masita is a popular Thai snack that has already proved popular overseas, has been a model for Korean pop stars. Attention is focusing on Park Ji hoon's new move.

Especially, As soon as news of Park Ji hoon's selection of the model was revealed, fans from home and abroad rushed to buy the product, proved his popularity.

Park Ji hoon recently completed his first Asian tour Taiwanese fan meeting, is set to go on an Asian fan meeting tour in seven cities in six countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Osaka, Japan, and Tokyo, and will visit Bangkok, Thailand this weekend as his second destination, which is expected to heat up in the region.

Park Ji hoon started warming up for his solo career in earnest after finishing his campaign at Wanna One in December last year. Especiallt, he drew the legend of the finished edition by decorating the cover of various magazines one after another.

According to the agency, Park Ji hoon is currently in the middle of a wide range of advertising contracts in a wide range of product categories, apart from being known. Most of all, as international advertisements and Asian commercials are pouring in, everyone is focusing on the unusual global popularity.

Park Ji hoon will be working hard to prepare his first solo album along with the "FIRST EDITION" tour of Asia, which will tour seven cities in six countries.

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