VIXX RACI's mini album 'R.OOK BOOK' has been released.

Ravi released his second mini-album "R.OOK BOOK" on his online music site at 6 p.m. on 5th. Ravi's "R.OOK BOOK Collection" has finally taken off the veil, which has boosted expectations with rich and stylish content from the project scheduler to solo concert presentations, original photos and music video teasers.

"R.OOK BOOK" is the second mini album to be released in about two years after the first mini album released in 2017, and RAVI will participate in all aspects of the album's composition and production, as well as concept and costume, and will show his identity more firmly.

The album is inspired by "R.OOK BOOK”, which shows the direction of the concept, fashion and style that the designer is pursuing, and contains the musical colors, concepts and messages he wants to show in a chapter called "RAVI's LOOK BOOK."

RAVI's second mini album "R.OOK BOOK" is released on 5th at 6 p.m.

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