[THE FACT] 'Happy Birthday MINO'

In ‘FAN N STAR’, a weekly idol ranking information site, has started the birthday ad support for Song MINO of the group WINNER and is currently ongoing. It currently gained 18% as of 6th while the support has been opened for 5 days.

The birthday market of Song MINO is a big project where it will be displayed in various places. Global fans can participate, and the number of star points gathered in the project will decide the success of the project. 

The participation of the even can be done in ‘STAR MARKET’ page within the ‘FAN N STAR’ website. Fans have to donate their star points that are collected through various activities to the birthday market of Song MINO. The number of participation is unlimited.

'FAN N STAR' opened the birthday project for Song MINO last year March 2nd. It achieved 200% by the burning love of the fans. So the birthday video of Song MINO was displayed on the billboard near Shinokubo Station in Tokyo, Japan and in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul for a week from March 20th to 26th on the same year.

The expectations are set whether the birthday project of Song MINO can also succeed this year as well.

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