[THE FACT] 'Sulli Birthday Ad Event Ongoing!'

'FAN N STAR', the playground for the fandoms of idols, has started the birthday ad event of the singer and actor, Sulli. It is a global project which the birthday ad will be displayed in the center of the major cities in Korea and Japan.

The birthday market of Sulli will be completed by the collaboration of ‘FAN N STAR’ and the global fans. The number of star points that fans donate will determine the success of the project.

If the star points contribution achieves 100,000, the video will be displayed in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul. If it achieves 400,000, together with the subway displays, the travel bus advertisement will be running. If it reaches 600,000, subway displays, travel bus, and the Apgujeong CGV Screen will also be exposing the birthday video. And if it reaches 900,000, the advertising place expands to the multi-vision screen of the Hongdae station.

The attention is focused whether the birthday project of Sulli can achieve its goals within the remaining event period which is until 17th.

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