[THE FACT] The 21st Debut Anniversary celebration support of the group Shinhwa is currently ongoing in 'FAN N STAR', the weekly idol ranking site.

On the 7th, FAN N STAR has announced as “Shinhwa’s 21st debut anniversary celebration support has achieved 61%. On the 22nd of last month, ‘FAN N STAR’ has opened the support for Shinhwa. This is to celebrate their 21st anniversary of their debut on the 24th of the month.

The support for Shinhwa, organized by ‘FAN N STAR’ will display the congratulatory video through 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul when the star point contributions reach 100,000.

If it achieves 400,000, together with the subway displays, the travel bus advertisement will be running. If it reaches 600,000, subway displays, travel bus, and the Apgujeong CGV Screen will also be exposing the birthday video. And if it reaches 900,000, the advertising place expands to the multi-vision screen of the Hongdae station, so the interests of the fans are gathering.

Shinhwa reached 61% with 60,626 stars as of March 7. The 21st debut anniversary celebration market will continue until 10th. 

Meanwhile, Shinhwa is holding their 21st debut anniversary celebration concert ‘CHAPTER 4’ at KSPO COME (Olympic Gymnastis Arena) this coming April 20th and 21st. 

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