[THE FACT] 'Lee Gi Kwang, Thank you for being born'

‘FAN N STAR’, where the fans and stars become one, opened the birthday ad project for Lee Gi Kwang of the group Highlight. The event achieved 22% already on March 5 which is just after four days from its opened date.

The number of star points that fans donate will determine the success of the project. Birthday videos will be exposed in more places as the stars gathers more.

The event participation can be done at ‘STAR MARKET’ page of the ‘FAN N STAR’ website. Fans can simply donate the star points they collected in birthday market of Lee Gi Kwang. Number of participation is unlimited so fans can donate repetitively. 

Previously, ‘FAN N STAR’ opened the birthday project for Lee Gi Kwang on March 2 last year. It achieved 200% by the burning love of the fans. So the birthday video of Lee Gi KWang was displayed on the billboard near Shinokubo Station in Tokyo, Japan and in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul for a week from March 27 to April 2 on the same year.

The expectations are set whether the birthday project of Jung Joon Young can also succeed this year as well.

Meanwhile, Lee Gi Kwang will be entering the military service on the 18th of next month.

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