[THE FACT] If there are charm of my idol which I only know?

Uploade PR video of my Idol in ‘FAN N STAR’ and advertise it in Subway Displays for free! For the month of February, the video requested by the fandom of the group HIGHLIGHT was selected.

The ‘Select PD of this month’ of ‘FANNSTAR’ is an event where fans make their own PR video of their idol stars so others can also see the charm of the idol stars and it is an event in celebration of ‘2018 K POP THE FACT STAR AWARDS’(tentative name). 

The winner selected by 'FAN N STAR' on the 22nd of last month, is the PR video of 'highlight_s2', the fan of the group HIGHLIGHT. It was selected as top 1 in ‘Select PD of this month’ by showing the longing for HIGHLIGHT who entered the military service. The PR video of HIGHLIGHT will be displayed in 43 stations of the subway line 2 for a week from March 5 up to 11. Especially, if the fan will upload the proof shot to the proof event of ‘FAN N STAR’ by taking selfie with the displaying video in any of the 43 subway stations, the display period extends for another week.

The ‘Select PD of the Month’ event will be operated specially as ‘FAN PD AWARDS’ until ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ will be held. Any fans of idol stars can participate the event where the fans can simply upload the attractive images, videos within 30 seconds. They can simply upload on the board of ‘FAN PD AWARDS’ within the ‘FAN N STAR' When the PR video will be selected for ‘FAN PD AWARDS’, the PR video made by the fans will be displayed at the event venue of ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’.

Not only that, ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ tickets and Ecla-Baci necklace will be given as well. The ‘FAN PD Award’ is currently getting attention since the artists can actually see the video at the venue of the awarding event. ‘FAN PD Award’ is currently on going since February 22nd and will continue until March 22nd. The winner will be announced on March 29th through the announcement of ‘FAN N STAR’ website.

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