TVXQ has held ‘TXVQ! CONCERT -CIRCLE- #with’ at KSPO DOME in Seoul Olympic Park for two days on March 9~10, and has attracted the audiences with perfect collaboration and colorful music with powerful performance of the two members.

Especially, TVXQ has newly presented their previous tracks this encore concert such as ‘New Chapter #2: The Truth of Love’, the special album in celebration of their 15th debut anniversary which has ranked top 1 in various global music charts last December, and has first released their solo stages such as ‘Sooner Than Later’, Yunho’s ‘夜話 (City Lights)’, Changmin’s Beautiful Stranger’, and others so the reaction of the fans were very hot.

Meanwhile, TVXQ is currently very active by showing ‘Top Class’ as they used to be, and are currently appearing in various entertainment program such as ‘Single Life’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘We Will Channel You’, ‘Coffee Friends’, etc., which keeps on gaining good reactions from the fans by showing their friendly charm.

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