The new goy group ARGON has maximized the curiosity of the public with the teaser video of their title song for debut.

On the 8th midnight, the M/V teaser video of ‘MATER KEY’, the debut title song of the new group ARGON was posted through the official SNS account of MSH Entertainment, the agency.

In the released video, a girl who was asleep wakes up by unknown light and shows dreamy atmosphere. With this, the expectation of ARGON is getting higher more and more.

The girl in the teaser video is also getting the focus of attention. The child actor, Lee Hye In, who amplified the curiosity with her attractive face, is from the seven-member girl group u.sso project which was formed for the international relations between Korea-China-Japan, who made through the 20:1 rate of competition. Lee Hye In stood up as model of various brands as well as in fashion shows and currently is becoming an issue due to the similar face with Jenny of the girl group BlackPink. 

‘ARGON’ with the meaning of 'ART GO ON' is making their official debut on the 11th noon together with the release of their first single album ‘MASTER KEY’ through various soundtrack websites. 

Especially, through the practice video released ahead of their debut, they were getting attention of the public by showing their ability of writing lyrics and composition as well as choreography.

Meanwhile, ARGON, whose debut is near, has started the pre-selling of their first single album ‘MASTER KEY’ on the 26th of last month, and will hold their first showcase in celebration of their official debut at Ilji Art Hall located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

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