'1TEAM' has released the debut trailer video of Je Hyun.

LIVEWORKS COMPANY has released the debut trailer video of Je Hyun, the fourth member of ‘1TEAM’ through the official SNS and V LIVE Channels on the 8th and is gathering the interests of the fans.

In the released video, Je Hyun is attracting the fans who are watching the trailer with the smile that seems like he is saying ‘I was waiting for you’ in sweet and unrealistic visual as if he came out from a comic book with the background of flower garden.

Also, Je Hyun, who has the good looking visual, is the main dancer of ‘1TEAM’ with the husky voice who has been structuring a solid fandom by communicating with the fans by posting the practice videos through the official twitter of the previous project ‘TEAM LWZ’ before their debut.

The agency of '1TEAM', LIVEWORKS COMPANY, is in charge of the producing of the oldest idol group Shinhwa, and has released the debut trailer per member of ‘1TEAM’ since last 5th of the month sequentially which raised the expectations of the public.

Meanwhile, ‘1TEAM’ will be holding their debut showcase on March 27th.

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