The singer Kim Yeon Ji released a new song ’10 years without you’ in about 10 months.

The diva of farewell song in music industry has released the new song ’10 years without you’ at 6 pm on the 8th. 

Kim Yeon Ji grabbed the attention of the listeners by predicting her comeback with ‘classic ballad of Kim Yeon Ji Style’ in the teaser video released on the 6th before its release.

The new song ’10 years without you’ lyrics and composition was participated by the writer Han Sang Won and Lee Jin Sung of Monday Kiz and has sketched perfectly for Kim Yeon Ji’s special skill of high tone can be showed off through the song.

Kim Yeon Ji said, “The feeling of high-pitched sound for this song is the most difficult among the songs that Kim Yeon Ji had ever sang.”, through her agency MOSTWORKS. 

Then, the agency MOSTWORKS said, “It is the song expressing the depth of the heart that breaks up after separation in time ’10 years’. She has prepared a song that can give sympathy to the farewells that everyone has experienced even once, so please send many supports.”.

Kim Yeon Ji made her debut with ‘Scent of a Woman’ of Seeya in 2006 and has released her first solo album ‘Let’s meet again’ in 2010. And has been very active by releasing many albums and OSTs.
Meanwhile, Kim Yeon Ji has released the new song ’10 years without you’ at 6 pm on the 8th.

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