[THE FACT] 'Cheon Myeong Hun, Happy Birthday'

On the 8th, ‘FANNSTAR’, where the fans and stars become one, has started the birthday event for Cheon Myeong Hun of the group NRG. It is a big project which the birthday celebration advertisement will be displayed in many places. 

The number of star points that fans donate will determine the success of the project. As many stars are contributed, more places in Korea and Japan will display the birthday celebration advertisement of Cheon Myeong Hun.

The participation of the even can be done in ‘STAR MARKET’ page within the ‘FAN N STAR’ website. Fans will have to simply donate their star points that are collected through various activities to the birthday market of Cheon Myeong Hun.

'FAN N STAR' opened the birthday project for Cheon Myeong Hun last year March 9th. It achieved 400% by many participation of the fans. As the result, the birthday video of Cheon Myeong Hun was displayed in many places in Korea and Japan during his birthday.

The birthday project for Cheon Myeong Hun will continue until 24th of this month, and the further details can be found in ‘FAN N STAR’ website.

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