The girl group SIS is adding power with ‘Legal High’ OST.

On the 8th afternoon at 6 pm, JTBC drama ‘Legal High’ OST PART.4 ‘SHALALA’ has released through various soundtrack sites.

‘SHALALA’ is a song that shows the sound harmony of various instruments including guitar, which expresses the sincere heart of a woman who started to love

Especially, ‘SHALALA’ was also used as a role to help the flow of the drama by flowing from the scene where the changed lyrics version and metal version of a female idol’s song were confronted by the plagiarism controversy.

SIS, who is emerging as a rising star among girl groups by selling all seats of their fan meeting in five minutes, has participated in the vocal of the song. SIS made their debut in 2017, receiving big love from the public by presenting various concepts, and is currently very active by releasing their third single album ‘Always Be Your Girl’ on the 6th.

‘Legal High’, which the youthfulness will be added more with ‘SHALALA’ of SIS, is a comic legal act between an arrogant lawyer Go Tae Rim (Jin Goo). Who has a 100% success rate in cases, and Seo Jae In (Seo Eun Soo), whose a passionate rookie and righteous lawyer. Its presenting more laughs to the audience as more episodes are broadcasting, and is currently showing at 11 pm every Fridays and Saturdays.

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