[THE FACT] ‘FANNSTAR’, the weekly idol ranking operated by THE FACT, has opened up the birthday celebration support for Ken of the group VIXX.

'FANNSTAR’ started the birthday support for Ken of VIXX on the 8th day of the month. As it is the support to celebrate for his birthday on this coming April 6th, by exposing the congratulatory videos in electric boards, the participation of the fans is in full swing.

The support for Ken hosted by the ‘FAN N STAR’ will play the congratulatory video in waiting areas of 43 stations of the subway line 2 in Seoul when the star points contribution achieves 100,000. When the star points contribution achieves 400,000, together with the subway displays, the foreigner travel bus advertisement will be running. If it reaches 600,000 of star points, together with the subway displays and travel bus advertisements, the Apgujeong CGV Screen will also be exposing the birthday video. And when it reaches 900,000 star points, even the multi-vision screen in Hongdae can be achieved as well so the interests and participation of the fans 

Meanwhile, Ken has been performing on the musical stage of ‘Jack the Ripper’ since January 25th until this coming March 31st. 

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