100% has released the M/V teaser of their new song ‘Still Loving You’

Last 11th, 100% has predicted the strong addiction by releasing the M/V teaser of their title song ‘Still Loving You’ of the new album ‘Re:tro’. 

In the teaser released on the said day, 100% is expressing dim look in each of the different spaces. And it raises the curiosity on what story each member has.

Also, the introduction part has grabbed the ear of the listeners with the exciting melody with a whistling sound and a retro atmosphere, and the ‘lalalalalala I’m Still Loving You’ part itself left a strong impression which is predicting the best addiction.

Meanwhile, 100% is releasing all tracks of their 6th mini album ‘RE:tro’ at 6 pm on the 14th through various online soundtrack sites.

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