The new girl group EVERGLOW has raised the expectations by releasing the concept photo of their first debut album ‘ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW’. 

On the 8th midnight, EVERGLOW posted total of 7 individual concept photos of each member with group concept photo through the various channels of the agency YUEHUA Entertainment Korea, and gathers the explosive interests of the fans and officials. 

‘EVERGLOW’ derived from the word ‘Ever’ which means always, and ‘GLOW’ which means shining, it contains the energy and will of ‘As there are the days of the sun shines and the night the does not shine, EVERGLOW will make both light and shadows into our own time’. 

‘EVERGLOW’ is entering their official activity by releasing their debut album ‘ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW’ this coming 18th of the month. 

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