The boy group VAV, who is ahead of new album release, is going up the stage as 6-member structure.

On the 12th, A TEAM Entertainment has announced as, “VAV member Jacob will not be able to participate the 4th mini album ‘THRILLA KILLA’ due to his individual schedule.”.

Jacob is currently appearing in Chinese Audition Program of Youku ‘VAMZ’, and is currently doing well as his team won first place as team mission in previous episode.

With this, the agency, through fan café of VAV, has recently announced to the fans as, “We would like to ask for your support for Jacob who is performing wonderful appearance. Also, we would like to ask for encouragement and love for the members of VAV who have worked hard to prepare the album to make sure not to lose your expectations.”.

The 4th mini album of VAV, which will be a six-member structure, contains total of 4 tracks starting from the title song ‘THRILLA KILLA’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Touch You’, and ‘Senorita’ which was released as single track last October. 

Especially, the leader St.Van and Ayno has participated in lyrics and composition of ‘I’m Sorry’, and ‘Touch You’, respectfully, and Lou has participated in lyrics and rap making of all tracks, which made more expectations by showing the musical abilities of the members.

Meanwhile, the 4th mini album ‘THRILLA KILLA’ of VAV, will be released in various online soundtrack websites on the 19th noon.

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