The boy group Newkidd had surprise busking in Hongdae.

Last 9th, Newkidd has showed powerful performance by holding surprise busking in ‘Hongdae Culture Street’. On this day, Newkidd had special appearance in ‘Dancing bear’, a famous BJ live busking program, showing on live every Saturdays and has presented the ‘Left Hand’ of the second preview album. 

Especially, Newkidd has performed the ‘DNA’ song of BTS, which was performed in front of BTS during an awarding ceremony, which increased the explosive response of the fans. Hundreds of crowds gathered and they have also grabbed the attention of citizens who were passing by as well.

After then, they also have performed the covered stage of ‘Fake Love’ of BTS, which were mentioned as their role model previously, followed by random play dances, and has attracted the attention of the citizens.

Jinkwon, the leader of Newkidd said, “We were very nervous since it was our first busking ahead of our debut album release but thanks to the fan who came from far to watch our very first busking. We hope we can show more busking performances where we can be together with the fans who are always supporting us.”. 

Meanwhile, Newkidd, who are about to debut within this first half of the year, was an issue with their versatile skills and youthful images showed through their preview album that was released ahead of their official debut. 

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