A three-member boy group TREI, showed off their perfect stage in an SBS show titled "The Music Trend" which aired on the afternoon of October 24, that captivated the audience.

TREI performed on the stage with their title song "Gravity" wearing casual clothes that emphasized black and white. TREI filled the stage with live performances with stable vocal and rhythmical Rapping, has even presented a unique emotional performance and impressed viewers as a great K-pop group.

TREI's debut song "Gravity" is a pop dance genre with funky style, with lyrics expressing the growing distance between lovers as time passed after the break up, Chae Chang hyun participated in the lyrics, composition and production of the song, cementing status as a next generation as "singer song writer group"

The Music Trend featured TREI, Dream Catcher, Monsta X, SF9, On & Off, ITZY, Koyote, Tae min and Hyo min.

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