The self-composed song of the singer song writer Jang Jae In has unveiled. 

At 6 o’clock of 12th afternoon, the new digital single album ‘EungbongGyo’ has released through various online soundtrack sites.

According to Jang Jae In, who made the lyrics and composition of this song herself, thought of a day her heart got warmed with just one simple text message ahead of composing it, and she thought of making a song that can be a ‘comfort’ to someone on the difficult and tiring day. In addition, the guitarist Cho Jung Chi has participated in the guitar playing and arranging the song and has raised the focus and atmosphere of the music more.

Meanwhile, the soundtrack and M/V of the new single album ‘EungbongGyo’ of Jang Jae In is available in various online soundtrack sites since 6 o’clock of 12th afternoon.

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