The group Nu’Est has presented sweetness.

The agency Pledis Entertainment has released the image that indicated the message of ‘Current I am living in your season’ with the hashtag of ‘#SongTitle’, ‘190315_6PM’ through the official SNS of Nu’Est on the 12th midnight and raised expectations of the new song.

In the released image, with the background of clear sky, the calligraphy full of sweetness together with the words ‘#SongTitle’ was contained, which increased the excitement of fans who are waiting for the full release of the new song on the 15th.

The contents of the new song of Nu’Est has been releasing since 10th of the month and has sniped the fans’ heart with the statement containing full of sweetness. Also, there are rumors that the fans are spending happy days while thinking of what does the message in the image means and what kind of atmosphere will the new song present.

Meanwhile, Nu’Est is officially releasing the full version of the new song, which is releasing in about 3 years, through various soundtrack sites at 6 o’clock on the 15th afternoon.

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