‘The King of the Performance’ SHINee Taemin's concert will be held this week

Tae min's second solo concert, "T1001101," will be held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul from March 15 to 17, and will be able to meet Tae min's unique performances, outstanding singing and fantastic performances that combine various music, expecting explosive reactions from audiences.

Especially, it was the first concert in about a year and five months that Tae min performed in Korea, and the three-time concert was sold out at the same time as the opening of the ticket sales, which brought him back to the realization of his high popularity.

As it means a special place with Tae min's identity, lot of fans are looking forward to the variety of attractions and performances that will be presented through the concert.

At this concert, Tae min will present the stage for his second mini album, including "WANT" a song that was loved for its deadly charm, as well as the stage for the first time for a new song specially prepared for the concert, and the high quality stage that maximizes the individuality of the Tae min.

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