B1A4 Sandeul X MAMAMOO Moonbyul showed off their Fantastic Collaboration.

The second episode of KBS 2TV In Sync aired on 12th night, featured a fantastic collaboration between the Sandeul and Moonbyul.

Sandeul start the practice and said to moonbyul “If the sound is too high for you, How about we exchanges our parts?” Sandeul is a vocal drastically change parts of the men and women in order to maximize moonbyuls the benefits, and of the Moonbyul to sing their rights. Sandeul’s consideration was not shown in the film but expression of deep consideration that are the highlight of the moment

On the main stage, Sandeul and Moonbyul performed an emotional stage, admiring everyone. As a vocalist of idol groups, Sandeul sang calmly and appealingly with his unique deep emotion, giving the viewers a heavy feeling and touching heart. And Din Din said, "Sandeul is going to cry! "I'm so touched, I'm amazed at the Collaboration stage of the Sandeul and Moonbyul."

The B1A4 Sandeul belong to is focused on individual activities. The oldest brother, Shinwoo, joined the military in January this year and is serving in the military sevice.

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