(G) I-Dle Yuqi gave warm advice in tears because of the speaker's worries.

Televised on April 2 KBS 2TV 'Hello Counselor' of (G) I-Dle Yuqi and minnie appeared as a guest.

During the broadcasting, whose dream is to be a singer in this day my mother is in conflict and daughter shared worries appeared to the last person of the story.

While listening to the story, Yuqi shed her tears and drew attention.

The main MC Shin Dong yup said "Why do you cry so much?" and Yuqi answered, "Because I imagined my mother"

And Yuqi added word “I was similar to the daughter, when I was young, I had a dream to be a singer and my parents didn't support me. I finally became a singer, and I solved it by talking and communicating, Tell me everything. I understand everything about your situations I’m advising you because I had similar situations and I overcome with that”

The storyteller and daughter received the advice of the Yuqi, expressed their feelings and reconciled their tears, and received applause from the audience.

Yuqi's (G) I-Dle performed "Senorita" on SBS MTV's "The Show" last 5.

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