Dream catcher's enchanting "Nightmare" is visiting Japanese fans.

DreamCatcher officially released their second single "PIRI-笛を吹け-Japanese ver.-" in Japan on the 13th and started its full-fledged activities.

Their new Japanese single 'PIRI-笛を吹け-Japanese Ver.-' is a Japanese version of the fourth mini album 'The End of Nightmare,' which was released in Korea earlier. Dream catcher's unique nightmare story met with Japanese and created a new attraction.

It is said that Dream Catcher's special efforts have been added to the Japanese release of PIRI. In order to effectively convey the concept of nightmare, they put a lot of effort into the process of translating and recording lyrics, and added charm by using the addictive part of the original song "Bull the Flute" in Korean.

Dream catcher has been loved by Japanese fans for promotional events and concerts even before his official debut. They released their official debut single "What-Japanese Ver.-" in November last year, drawing keen attention from local media including the appearance of ntv "ZIP!" and "Meza Mashi" on Fuji TV."

Currently, Dream Catcher members stay there to promote their comeback in Japan and are busy with various events and appearances. In addition, the concert will be held in Tokyo and Kobe on May 2 and 4 respectively.

"I hope DreamCatcher's new Japanese single will be a good present for Insomnia," DreamCatcher Company said. In addition, We hope that fans around the world as well as Korean fans will enjoy the Japanese version of 'PIRI' that has a unique charm."

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