Stray Kids has proved "global popularity" by selling out additional shows on the U.S. showcase tour in New York.

While holding three showcase sessions at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in New York on May 15 (local time), the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in LA on the 17th, and the Revention Music Center in Houston on the 19th, the tickets were opened on the 2nd and all sold out in about an hour. Despite their first overseas showcase tour since their debut last year, they has sold out in the U.S., the home of pop music.

As a result, Stray Kids decided to hold one more showcase at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in New York on May 14, and the concert was sold out after the ticket was opened on May 9.

In the U.S. alone, the four-time showcases will be sold out until the third inning, showing off the appearance of "Global K-pop Idol" that grows day by day.

Starting in Thailand on January 19, Stray Kids is currently hosting its first overseas showcase tour called ‘UNVEIL TOUR 'I am...'. On January 26, They completed concerts in Jakarta, Melbourne, and Sydney on April 21 and 24, respectively, and will meet with local fans through Manila on April 27 and in May in three U.S. cities and four performances.

Stray Kids became the number one rookie in the 2018 K-pop world by winning eight titles last year, will release a new mini-album "Clé One: MIROH" on March 25.

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