The group TXT topped the major charts in South Korea, the United States and Japan in the first week of their debut.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on the 12th (local time), TXT's debut album, "The Dream Chapter: STAR," ranked 140th in "Billboard 200." It is the highest ranking on the Billboard 200 chart for the entire debut album of the Korean boy band.

The album was ranked No. 1 in World Albums, No. 10 in Digital Albums, No. 26 in Top Album Sales, and No. 100 in Billboard Canadian Albums.

And also TXT ranked No. 50 in social studies, No. 1 in emerging artists, and No. 54 in Artistic 100, ranking third in the world.

TXT ranked second with a combined score of sales and streaming of digital albums (3/4-3/10) in Japan's Oricon weekly album chart on 13th. They ranked first in the weekly chart for imported albums.

TXT recorded a total of 77,996 sales during its first week (3/4-3/10) with their debut album "The Dream Chapter: STAR" released on the 4th, and was the most successful among the rookies who made their debut this year.

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