A photo of BC's concept of '1TEAM' has been released.

Live Works Company is attracting fans attention by introducing BC's trendy modern concept photo and casual Hello party concept photo through their official SNS.

BC in the public concept photo, created an enterprising and imposing atmosphere with strong eyes, a refreshing atmosphere that contrasts with that, amplifying expectations for their debut.

BC is good at rapping, dancing and singing, and also has excellent songwriting and composition ability in his debut trailer video released last week.

‘1TEAM’ is a powerful boy band composed of powerful vocalists including Rubin and BC, who are recognized for their great performance in JTBC’s program MIXNINE, and have outstanding rap skills, and each member of the group will become a new member.

Live Works Company, which is the agency of "1TEAM," is a member of Shin Hye sung and Lee Min woo of Shinhwa, and is currently the producer of longest running idol group Shinhwa, raising interest in the boy band that will be launched for the first time by Live Works Company.

1TEAM will hold its debut showcase at the Olympic Park K-art Hall on March 27.

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