Boy group Argon has released a special video for fans.

Argon posted a video of a White Day fan song prepared for fans on an official SNS on 14, afternoon.

In the video, "Earth & Moon" from Argon's first single album "MASTER KEY" was inserted into the BGM, and the lyrics "You're drawing me like gravity" expressed the sorrow of the six members towards their fans.

At the end of the video, there was a showcase of BAP's 'With You' cover song, a scene of fans' slogan events, and a photo shoot together, and the happy time of the movie made viewers smile..

"ARGON," which means "ART GO ON, is a new six member boy group, and it is drawing attention as it builds a thick fandom that has been recognized through practice videos released before its debut and has already been recognized through attractive visuals.

Argon’s first album "Master key" was released on the 11th, will continue their debut through various music broadcasts.

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