The third member of boy band C9BOYZ is causing a sensation in the music industry in the second half of the year, has taken off the veil.

At 0:00 p.m. on the 13th, C9 Entertainment released their first profile image of the third member, Hyun Suk, through an official SNS channel on C9BOYZ.

n the released image, a pure style Hyun suk, complete with white shirts and jeans, sits with a yellow rose. In particular, he attracted the public with his eyes wet with rainwater, showing the appearance of a "Perfect" visual like the male lead in a book.

Hyun suk is boasts model visuals with a height of 186cm, was born in 2001 when he is 17 years old, and is a trainee who has been preparing for his C9BOYZ debut at C9 Entertainment from the start.

In particular, he is expected to become a top-rated card in the C9BOYZ because he already has a big fan base despite his full debut.

Bae Jin young ended his Wanna One career in December last year, became the first member to make headlines, and as a group that will take charge of the music industry in the second half of this year, Seung hun, a proven member of YG, joined the group on the 6th.

Although only three members including Bae Jin young, Seung hun, and Hyun suk have been revealed, they are expanding their fandom at home and abroad with enthusiastic response, which anticipates the ripple effects of C9BOYZ's official debut.

Following the release of Bae Jin young, Seung hun, and Hyun suk, who are the next members of C9BOYZ, the public is paying keen attention to who will become.

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