A 14 member boy group 14U has recently become a next-generation hallyu player in Korea with his third single "N.E.W.S" is creating another Korean wave in Japan, the home of the Korean wave'

After completing their domestic activities, 14U left for Japan on February 20 and has successfully led 20 concerts in less than a month. It is not just the number of performances, but the number of audience members in Korea is also leading the popularity and favorable reviews of the performances.

14U's "K-Stage O" concert hall is located in Shin Okubo, Tokyo, where numerous Korean stars performed, and is well known to local K-pop fans as "The Holy Land of K-pop."

14U is preparing a ballad version of the song 'Crazy Love (N.E.W.S) – 14U X Lee Ye jun' along with Lee Ye jun, who is at the height of the female vocalist with the victory of 'Voice Korea 2' to appease the regret of her fans during her absence from Japan. The song will be performed on a music broadcast in the upcoming spring, according to an official from the agency.

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