Lee Gi kwang has released a teaser video of his new song "D.C.Y.E."

At midnight on the 15th, the agency, Around Us Entertainment posted the first teaser video of Lee Gi kwang's title song "D.C.Y.E. (Don't Close Your Eyes)" on their official website and SNS channel.

Lee Gi kwang’s the title song teaser was released, showing off his wave as if he were drawing a line with his body, and he overwhelmed the mood with deep, dark eyes, capturing the eyes and ears of viewers. Lastly, he revealed the short dance of his new song and raised expectations of fans waiting for his new album.

The title song "D.C.Y.E." features a rapper Kid Milli, who shows off his style with his R&B hip hop song, which is strangely suited to Lee Gi kwang's low voice and deep, deep sea sound, and draws attention to how their unusual charm will harmonize.

In addition, the new digital single [I] will feature a story of a song is a different story from the previous version of Lee Gi kwang.

Lee Gi kwang's new digital single [I] and title song "D.C.Y.E." will be released on various music websites at 6 p.m. on the 18th.

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