Yu Seung woo is drew fans attention with a sweet live on the radio.

Yu Seung woo and Anda appeared on the MBC FM4U (91.9MHz) radio section where Winner Kang Seung yoon is a special DJ for a week on the afternoon of 13 as a guest and presented a warm night to listeners with beautiful live performances.

In a corner where he will perform a single live song on the spot after receiving requests from listeners, Yu Seung woo has been active as a regular guest on the radio since January, he has filled up an hour with more attractive live performances.

Especially, this day was a perfect guitar live performance to listeners. Starting with the Beatles' "Yesterday," Shin Seung hoon's "Butterfly Effect," John Lennon's "oh my love" and Juk jae’s "The Door".

As he was called "Master of guitar," instant guitar accompaniment and live performances continued. and did the live performance of ‘My Son,’ which was performed after a long time, also instantly performed numerous music accompaniment including busker busker Yeosu Night sea and Kang Seung yoon's "Instinctively" and performed a soft live.

Yu Seung woo is performing a charming live performance with a warm and warm vocal voice, is emerging as the No. 0 list at various university festivals in spring.

Yu Seung woo was previously recognized as a "Voice boyfriend" by releasing numerous hit songs including "Beautiful," "Only you," and "Romance" with sweet voices and sweet lyrics that melt the female heart. In addition, music fans received a lot of attention through various dramas and OST.

With acoustic music that suits the spring atmosphere based on a number of hit songs, Yu Seung woo has been performing various activities as a singer-songwriter at various university festivals.

Yu Seung woo is continuing his vigorous activities through various performances and broadcasts.

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