Kim Jae hwan became the best sweet guy in 2019.

Kim Jae hwan hosted a surprise guerrilla event for his fan club members at the Moonlight Square in Han river Park in Banpo on last 14.

The agency Swing Entertainment, made fans excited by posting a teaser image of "Candy Day" on Kim Jae hwan's official SNS and fan cafe to predict guerrilla events.

The event drew keen attention, including 1,403 people who were limited in just 30 minutes, and about 3,000 fans who continued to travel to the submersibles.

Kim Jae hwan presented candy to 1,403 lucky fans and left meaningful memories in a group photo. He also sang "WIN:D Song," which was released on a fan cafe exclusively for fans, to create warmth.

At the request of his fans, Kim Jae hwan presented the special stage "Sorry Not Sorry" which were introduced at the time of the Wanna One final concert, as well as an instant non-accompanied live performance. In return, the fans were more and more closely breathing with Kim Jae hwan.
Kim Jae hwan continues to communicate with fans through various methods and SNS channels, has also made a deep impression on the event, and is very interested in the fans who will be waiting for him while preparing for his solo album.

Kim Jae hwan is loved by the public for his catchy vocal skills, is currently working on music to release his first solo album of higher quality.

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