Group 100% and composer Cho Yong soo joined together once again.

100% released their new album "RE:tro" on official SNS channels on the 12th, and it was revealed that they will be joining the hitmaker composer named Cho Young soo.

According to the released track list, the album consists of six tracks, including the title track 'Still Loving You,' while the title track 'Still Loving You' and the track 'I'm Sorry' included Cho Yong soo, the nation's largest hit album composer, and Ahn Young min. Following the album's title song "Heart," another 100 percent who joined Cho Young soo are looking forward to what synergies he will show through the new song.

In addition, the album includes 100% Rock hyun's "Remember" and Hyuk jin's "To." The album shows that Chan Yong, a member of the group, participated in writing the entire song, showing 100% growth in music.

100% released their new album "RE:tro" on the 14th and perform their comeback stage for their new song "Still Loving You" through Mnet's "Mcountdown."

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